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  • We’ll fix it right

Respect for Your Home

  • Safety & comfort
  • Neat, clean & professional
  • Floor-savers
  • Proven parts & equipment

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1. Today’s Symptoms
You describe to us your challenge and symptoms!

2. System Safety Check
 I will inspect your entire system and find the solutions.

3. Share What I Find
 I will explain what I found during the safety check.

4. Your Options & Straight Forward Pricing ®
I will share your options and give you straight forward pricing.®

5. Industry-Leading Guarantees
 Your satisfaction is 100%guaranteed.

6. Select Your Solution
 You authorize any work before it is performed.

7. I’ll Get the Job Done Right
I will get to work solving your system challenges and clean up afterwards.

8. Paperwork & Investment
 Lastly, I will complete the paperwork.

SERVICE FEE $69 - $249

Initial your authorization and we’ll get started!




The Benifits of Your Safety Savings Plan


You will receive a lifetime warranty on all parts and equipment installed, as long as you remain a safety and savings plan™ member! If a part or piece of equipment breaks down or fails, we will come to your home and replace it with the same or comparable part or piece of equment at NO cost to you! (Cosmetic changes or upgrades are not included.)


Only highly trained technicians driving vehicles loaded with thousands of parts to quickly make hundreds of the most common electrical repairs are dispatched to your home. It’s not inexpensive providing a high-level, time –saving service. Which is why we have a service free? However, as a Safety and Savings Plan™ member, it’s waived for you! Enjoy huge savings every time you call!


All of our clients receive a one-year warranty on all repairs. As long as you are a Safety and Savings Plan™ member, you will receive double the protection! That’s a two-year warranty on all of your repairs! And there’s no service fee


You will be satisfied with any service we perform in your home for as long as you’re a Safety and Savngs Plan™ member! That’s our promise to you!


When you need electrical service, you want it fast! As a Safety and Savings Plan™ member, you and your family are our first priority. When you call us, you go to same day! It’s like having an electrician with his motor running just waiting for you to call. It’s that fast!


Your family’s safety is our top priority. Your electrical system can change considerably and even destabilize over the course of 365 days of use. That’s why you will receive a Whole0House, Electrical-Safety inspection today and every 11 months that you’re a plan member. You want to stop any potential problems before they become a hazard to you and your family!


 You receive a 15% discount on the products and services needed to bring your home up to the minimum standards of local code and the National Fire Protection Association, to help keep your family safe!


Your Safety and Savings Plan™ is also transferable to a new owner if you sell your home, and the peace of that it brings is a huge selling point! And it can move with you if you stay in our service area.

Yours for
$9.99 Monthly


From time to time, you’ll also be able to take advantage of special offers and exclusive discounts we give only to our Safety and Savings Plan™ members!