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Tyler Expunctions & Nondisclosures Lawyer


Many accused of crimes are good,

honest, and productive folks caught up in a bad situation.


if your case is dismissed, either outright or following a deferred

adjudication, the general public can access your criminal history. This can

devastate your ability to find work, housing, loans, etc.


a defendant accused of theft. His case is dismissed outright due to lack of

proof. Even though his case is dismissed, anyone doing a background check will

find the defendant was charged with theft. In other words, he does not have a

clear or clean criminal record. Do you honestly think someone would trust this

defendant enough to hire him, even though he was never convicted? Unless the

defendant takes affirmative steps to clear his record, this theft will follow

him like a curse.

Do not wait to clear up your past.

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offers two different means--an expunction

and nondisclosure--for defendants to destroy or seal their criminal records.

Each method--expunge or destroy--has its own eligibility requirements. A criminal defense lawyer is generally

best qualified, because of his education and experience, to file for

expunctions or nondisclosure. Erick Platten has handled many expunctions and nondisclosures. Suffice

it to say: Anyone who has a case that resulted in a final conviction, including

from "straight" probation, is ineligible for either an expunction or

nondisclosure on that case.


do not want to leave it to some third party who is not a lawyer to pursue an expunction or a petition of

non-disclosure on your behalf. Besides posing the risk of identity theft, such

a third party cannot legally practice law. That means that this third party

cannot file pleadings, appear in court for you, or render any other such legal

services. Avoid false claims that, even if your are convicted, you can clean or

erase a criminal record. Erick Platten has unique experience handling petitions

for non-disclosure and expunctions

because he has filed many of them in the past.

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