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If you’ve been seriously injured, you need an advocate—someone who is not afraid to fight for your legal rights. You need the best personal injury lawyer in your corner. At The Platten Law Office, we know that most personal injury cases are won in the courtroom, which is why we prepare every claim as if it will be taken to trial. In doing so, we give you an edge at the negotiating table that has proven to be effective time and time again. If you have been seriously injured, we encourage you to call us today for your free, confidential consultation.

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Car and truck wrecks cause devastation that lingers after the crash. The physical, mental and emotional injuries resulting from auto and semi crashes can last months or even years. Victims also experience financial consequences that can include falling behind on medical bills, house payments and other costs of daily living as they recover. If they are unable to work because of their injuries or if a loved one died because of the accident, people may feel they are alone with no one to help.

The Platten Law Office understands the pain, anxiety and fear that are common after serious motor vehicle accidents. That is why we offer free initial consultations that allow people to learn about their rights and options after a crash. 

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