Tyler Theft Crime Attorney

Defending Those Accused of Theft
Theft is a crime that can take many forms. One can physically steal an item from another person, one can electronically steal goods or information, or one can even steal someone else's identity. They all, however, have one core element in common: an item is taken from another person without permission. If you have been accused of theft and are facing criminal charges, then contact a proven Tyler criminal defense lawyer at The Law Office of Erick Platten in order to discuss the situation.
Having provided skilled defense counsel to my clients in theft cases and other criminal charges for more than 13 years, I have extensive experience defending the accused in court. I am passionate about proving my client's innocence and will fight relentlessly on your behalf. I have garnered uncommon insight into the criminal justice system and how to successfully negotiate with prosecuting attorneys and defend my clients.
Theft Crime Attorney in Tyler, Texas
There are several types of theft crimes, including the following:
Bank Robbery
This constitutes forcibly removing money from a bank via direct force, threats of force, or threats of force against another, such as handing the teller a note declaring that you will harm someone you are holding as a hostage if the bank doesn't provide you with the money immediately.
This felony offense can result in years in prison upon conviction, but the penalties for robbery vary based upon the degree of violence involved. If you are facing charges of robbery, it is crucial that you contact my firm without delay. In many cases, my early involvement in the case can be extremely beneficial with regard to the outcome and the degree of the charges filed against you.
A burglary charge is a serious criminal matter, and demands fast action be taken on your behalf. Whether it is a case of mistaken identity, or there are other mitigating factors, it is crucial that the defense of your case be initiated at once to help you or your loved one fight to avoid conviction and the associated penalties. Those with prior convictions will be facing even more severe punishments.
Online Theft
This crime is related to either stealing physical goods by using stolen credit cards to fraudulently purchase the items online, or the theft of personal information, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, and birthdays. Credit card fraud is a serious theft offense and must be aggressively defended.
Identify Theft
Identity theft occurs when a person knowingly steals pertinent personal information about another person and uses it for criminal purposes. This can be to purchase items online, obtain medicine, access accounts, and a variety of other illegal activities.
Shoplifting will vary in degree based upon the value of the item that has been allegedly stolen. Immediate defense actions could help you avoid being charged with this crime.
Being charged with theft is very serious; a guilty verdict can have negative consequences on your future employment, credit, and ability to obtain loans. Should you be charged, it will be far too easy for your voice to get lost in the process. Law enforcement and prosecutors will be focused on getting a successful conviction, so they may not take the time to adequately listen to your side of the story. Do not let yourself get lost in the process. Secure my legal representation as soon as possible and receive the care and guidance that you truly deserve.